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Anderson Family Dental by Espire Plan

We are excited to offer this new financial option to all current and new patients who do not have dental insurance or are looking to change plans. The cost of our in-office dental plan is only $460 for an entire year. That averages out to around $38 per month! This plan includes two regular dental cleanings, two periodic dental exams, and any X-rays needed during your routine exam appointments. In addition, we will offer a 15% savings on all other necessary dental procedures and X-rays. You can also add a family member to the plan for the reduced annual cost of $445 per year.

$460 per

& Add Additional
Family Members to
the Plan for

$445 per

2 Regular Dental Cleanings

2 Complete Periodic Dental Exams

All Necessary X-Rays

+ 15% savings

On All Other Dental Procedures & X-Rays

No Insurance Hassles

No Waiting Periods

No Deductibles

No Claim Forms

No Lost Premiums at Year End

What are the benefits of our in-office savings plan?

  • No insurance hassles
  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No lost premiums at the end of the year

Is Anderson Family Dental by Espire Plan an Insurance plan?

No. AFDP is not an insurance plan – it’s better! Anderson Family Dental by Espire Plan is able to save you a significant amount of money by eliminating high monthly insurance premiums. With AFDP, there are no waiting periods for eligibility, no deductibles, no claim forms, and no exclusions. You will pay for only the services you need. Best of all, there is no maximum on benefits, and your savings are unlimited.

How do I know what benefits are covered?

Here is what is provided through the AFDP:

  • Regular teeth cleanings (two per year)
  • Complete (periodic) dental exams (two per year)
  • Necessary X-rays, including four Bitewings, yearly cavity check X-rays, and Panorex bone level X-rays as needed
  • 15% savings on all other dental services, exams, and X-rays

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Just call or stop by our office to enroll. If you are already coming in for an appointment, just let us know that you would like to become a member and start saving!

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible: singles, families, and children. You, your spouse, and your children can join AFDP, saving you thousands of dollars. If you have a friend that might benefit from our dental plan, please share this offer!

For more information, please contact Anderson Family Dental by Espire at (719) 452-8501.