Saving Teeth with Root Canal Therapy in Colorado Springs

Most people have heard of root canal therapy, but few know what this procedure is used to treat or exactly how it works. You may be fearful of root canal therapy, but it’s actually a relatively simple procedure, and we can make the process far more comfortable than you’ve ever imagined. In the end, root canal therapy is nothing to be afraid of; instead, this procedure from Anderson Family Dental in Colorado Springs can save a tooth that otherwise would have to be extracted, helping you avoid the time and expense of securing a replacement.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Why would you need root canal therapy? The pulp inside the root canal (the chamber that runs through the tooth from root tip to root tip) can be damaged in a number of ways, most commonly through either infection or injury. When this happens, we need to remove the diseased pulp and fill the tooth to prevent further, more destructive damage. Once we remove all of the pulp and fill the tooth, we will cap it with a crown for lasting protection.

Sedation Dentistry Option Available

How do we make sure that you remain comfortable during your root canal therapy? We offer oral conscious sedation dentistry, which is an easy way to take the edge off otherwise anxiety-provoking treatments. We also maintain a comfortable environment in which we provide care, and our staff is known for friendly, hands-on, and personalized service.

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You may need root canal therapy and not even know it! Whether or not you have chronic toothaches or have endured a dental injury lately, we encourage you to visit restorative dentist, Dr. Anderson, if you haven't been to the dentist in a while. During your exam, we can make recommendations about possible treatment needs. Contact us to make an appointment at Anderson Family Dental in Colorado Springs, serving Stratmoor, Falcon, Black Forest, and beyond.