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4 Dental Health Benefits of Drinking Water

April 25, 2020

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smiling young woman drinking water to benefit her dental health

For a while, it was rumored that drinking water every 15 minutes could prevent the coronavirus from entering the lungs and causing illness. Although the science behind that theory has come into question, it is undeniable that water is good for health — and it can play a role in strengthening the immune system. Plus, this wonderful liquid has numerous dental health benefits, some of which we will discuss in this blog post.

Water Keeps the Mouth Clean

When you eat a meal or drink a sugary beverage, those items can leave small particles behind in your mouth. Bits of food may linger between your teeth or along your gums, and sugar may cling to your teeth. If those substances stay there for too long, they can contribute to tooth decay. Water helps to rinse away those particles and reduce your risk of developing cavities.

Water Strengthens the Teeth

By itself, water does not do a lot to strengthen the teeth. However, many municipalities add fluoride to their water supplies to help residents maintain strong teeth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to rebuild small bits of tooth enamel that get worn away by everyday eating and drinking.

Water Fights Dry Mouth

If you are dehydrated, your saliva production will slow down. Saliva is essential for rinsing away food particles and bacteria from surfaces in the mouth. It also contains minerals that are important for strengthening and maintaining the teeth, including calcium and phosphate. Plus, a moist mouth is less likely to produce unpleasant odors than a dry mouth.

Water Is a Tasty and Guilt-Free

Many popular beverages, including sports drinks, juices, and soda, contain lots of sugar and acid, both of which can cause severe damage to teeth. By cutting back on such beverages and making water your primary source of hydration, you can protect your smile from the dire consequences of consuming too much sugar.

Many people enjoy the taste of plain water, but if you do not, you may be able to add some flavor to your water. You can do so by putting some fresh fruit in it. Or, you could brew some sugar-free herbal tea. Just be mindful that whatever you add to your water does not have a high acidic or sugar content. (For example, while citrus fruits are popular water enhancers, they are quite acidic. You might try fresh berries instead.)

H20 is a wonderful liquid. Your dental health will thank you if you make efforts to drink more water!

About the Author

Some years after he earned his dental degree from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1994, Dr. Erick Anderson returned to his hometown of Colorado Springs to practice dentistry alongside his father. Now, the senior Dr. Anderson is retired, and Dr. Erick Anderson is proud to carry on the family legacy of providing top-quality general dental care to our community. His advanced training and kind approach to treatment are just a few reasons why patients love him. If you would like his help to maintain your oral health, contact our team today at 719-593-0988

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