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Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits with These 5 Tips

September 3, 2022

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Calendar showing appointment to maximize dental insurance benefits

If you have dental insurance, you should certainly do all you can to use your policy to the full. Not only can it allow you to enjoy low-cost preventive care, but it can also save you money when your teeth need restorative treatment. But how can you maximize your dental insurance benefits in Colorado Springs? Here are five practical tips:

Schedule a Checkup

Most dental insurance policies cover two cleanings and checkups each year. Often, patients have to pay nothing out of pocket for these appointments. If you haven’t yet had your second preventive appointment of 2022, now is the ideal time to get it on the books. Scheduling it sooner rather than later can ensure you secure a time slot that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

Follow Up with Recommended Treatment

If your checkup reveals any spots of decay or signs of gum disease, be sure to follow up with any treatments that your dentist recommends. Insurance policies usually cover about 80% of the cost of fillings and 50% of the cost of more extensive restorative treatments. Therefore, you can save money by promptly following up on any necessary procedures, rather than waiting and allowing your dental problem to worsen.

Remember that Benefits Reset

It is common for dental insurance policies to work on a calendar-year basis. If you have already paid your deductible for 2022, you are now in a position to take full advantage of your benefits. However, if you wait until January or later to schedule an appointment, you may have to start over again with your deductible. Acting now can help you avoid letting your current benefits go to waste!

Consider Your Annual Maximum

PPO dental plans tend to have an annual maximum, which is a limit to how much the insurance company will pay out within a calendar year. Since we are nearing the end of 2022, now is the ideal time to use the remainder of this years’ annual maximum if there are any treatments that you have been putting off.

What if you need a major procedure that will exceed your annual maximum? Consider scheduling the first part of it for late this year. In January, you can finish the treatment. You’ll therefore be able to leverage two annual maximums instead of just one.

Consider Visiting an In-Network Dentist

If a dental practice is in-network with your insurance, you can usually expect to pay less out of pocket than if you visit an out of network dentist. However, keep in mind that quality care is more important than saving money. If a dentist whom you trust is not in your network, you can probably still use your benefits in their practice, but just to a lesser extent.

Are you doing all you can to maximize your dental benefits? The above tips can help you get the most out of your policy!

Meet the Practice

Dr. Erick Anderson and our team are pleased to help patients use their dental benefits to the full. We are in-network with BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, and other major insurance companies — and we welcome out of network PPO plans as well. To learn more about how we can help you enjoy top-quality care without breaking your budget, contact us at 719-593-0988.

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