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Can Your Dentist Tell if You’re “Cavity Prone?”

May 18, 2018

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tooth with cavity No matter how hard you try, you always hear the same bad news from your dentist: you have another cavity! It’s frustrating because you brush your teeth when you’re supposed to (twice a day), floss, and even have cavity protection toothpaste! Why do these pesky cavities keep showing up during your preventive care visits?

The truth is that you might be more prone to developing cavities than other people. That’s right…sometimes there are other things about your body or smile that can actually cause you to have cavities no matter how great you care for your smile. This is where professional care from your local dentist can help. Continue reading to learn more.

What does “cavity prone” mean?

As mentioned above, there are some patients who have decay in their teeth more than others. Usually, when they visit their dentist they always unfortunately find out that they have a cavity—sometimes even multiple cavities. This just means that one of the factors below should be addressed by you and your dentist so that your mouth can be healthier and cavity free.

Dry Mouth

Do you drink enough water throughout the day? One way to improve your oral health is to drink much more so that your body naturally produces saliva. Without it, your smile is more likely to hold onto new and existing bacteria in the mouth.

Your Diet

The culprit for excessive cavities could just be what you’re eating and drinking. Starchy foods turn into sugar, so snacking on chips and crackers throughout the day can leave your mouth in bad condition. Also, drinking too much juice or soda can leave lingering sugar on your teeth to attack your tooth enamel.

Tooth shape

Believe it or not, the shape of your teeth may have something to do with reoccurring cavity development. Teeth usually have crevices and grooves that can have food and other materials stuck in between them. Sometimes, a patient can have deeper grooves, catching much more food and debris than the average teeth.

Is there a way that your local dentist can help?

If you have signs of a cavity or know that you may be prone to them more than most patients, it’s important to ask your dentist how they can help you avoid cavities in the future. Depending on your situation, more fluoride treatments can help strengthen your tooth enamel against your cavity causing dental problem. Also, consider dental sealants if you happen to get cavities in the grooves of your back teeth.

Learn more about how a dentist can help by calling your them today!

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Here at Anderson Family Dental, we know that a smile can never reach its greatest point if it has cavities. Keeping your smile cavity free is one of the biggest jobs that your dentist works at each and every time they see you. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you ward off tooth decay, keeping your smile in tip-top shape for years to come.

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