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Checkups & Cleanings from Your Colorado Springs Dentist

April 27, 2017

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When was the last time you scheduled an appointment to visit your Colorado Springs dentist?Did you know recent studies show that women maintain better oral health than men? The research was conducted to find the differences between the oral health practices in the sexes so dentists could spot weak points that need to be improved for every patient. The information was generated after a questioning 800 men and women and having them undergo oral health exams pertaining to the maintenance of healthy gums and periodontal disease (advanced gum disease). Results proved that women were more likely to schedule and keep their dental appointments twice a year as well as alter their dental hygiene habits depending on the results compared to men. Your Colorado Springs dentist isn’t here to scold male patients or even female patients that haven’t met their full dental health potential. Anderson Family Dental is here to help every patient, no matter which sex, get their health back on track and maintain a strong smile for years to come.

Visiting Your Dentist is Important

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 47.2% of American adults over 30 years old have advanced gum disease. Your chances of developing gum disease only increase with age, rising to 70% of adults aged 65 and older (and this is for both men and women alike).

The study above showed that many men had worse oral health because they did not visit their dentist regularly. Many signs of periodontal disease and other health problems don’t show immediately, the signs are sneaky and progressive. What you may think is “a little normal bleeding” during your brushing routine may be a red flag that the health of your teeth and gums are descending.

Both diseases have high retention rates when addressed early on. If you visit your dentist every six months (at least) these diseases could have been noticed and treated early. Dr. Erick or Richard Anderson can keep an eye out for serious dental problems and address them with thorough dental examinations, detailed cleanings, and a personalized dental treatment at the end of your appointment.

Oral Health: A Window to Your General Health

Like many areas of your body, your mouth is full of bacteria—both good and bad. Your body’s natural defenses against dangerous bacteria isn’t enough, especially with the strong, sticky plaque that comes with processed, sugary foods. You must brush regularly, floss once a day, and visit your dentist for professional cleanings. If the harmful bacteria take over your mouth, you may be susceptible to infections, tooth decay, and other diseases that can weigh down your general health. Studies have shown that oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with periodontal disease play a role in serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer, and can lower your body’s immune system—making oral health problems more severe.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

The dentists at Anderson Family Dental have been named the Top Dentists in the area by Springs Style Magazine for several years in a row. We take pride in putting our patient’s health and well-being first. Even if you feel like your teeth and gums aren’t as healthy as they can be, our office is a judgement-free, helpful environment and we’re more than happy to assist patients looking to turn their oral health around. You can experience the excellent dental care everyone is raving about. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.


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