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Your Dentist in Colorado Springs Wants You to have a Healthy Pregnancy

February 24, 2016

dentistCongratulations! Dr. Erick Anderson and Dr. Richard Anderson and the entire staff at Anderson Family Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, want to wish you and your baby much health and happiness during and, of course, after your pregnancy. To help ensure your oral and general health while you’re pregnant, we’d like to tell you how you can take care of your smile during this very special time in your life and make you aware of some changes you may experience. Your Colorado Springs family dentist wants the best for you and your growing family!

First and foremost, maintaining your regular at-home oral hygiene routine with twice daily brushing and once a day flossing is imperative. We understand that morning sickness can make sticking a toothbrush in your mouth seem very unappealing. If necessary, go ahead and have a bite to eat before your brush and floss. Many of our expectant mothers find that having a bit of food in their stomachs helps before they brush.

Secondly, scheduling dental cleanings and exams with Anderson Family Dental, the best dentist in Colorado Springs, is also important. We like to see expectant mothers during their first and second trimesters. This way we can make sure your teeth are clean, and we can also create a treatment plan to help you avoid oral health problems during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care and Your Dentist in Colorado Springs

Because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, a condition called pregnancy gingivitis is a risk. Just like ordinary gingivitis, this is marked by red and swollen gums that can also bleed. Pregnancy gingivitis happens when plaque builds up along the gum line; during pregnancy, your gum tissue may be particularly sensitive to plaque and react more so than when you aren’t pregnant.

To avoid pregnancy gingivitis, brush with a fluoride toothpaste after each meal and floss daily. One of our dentists may also recommend more frequent cleanings at our Colorado Springs dentist office.

Another common occurrence is pregnancy tumors. These non-malignant growths usually result from swollen gums that are a side effect of the increased blood volume during pregnancy. They typically go away on their own after delivery, but if they are bothersome when you chew or brush, one of our dentists can remove them.

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To help make sure you have a healthy and beautiful smile throughout your pregnancy, schedule an appointment with Anderson Family Dental. We proudly serve families throughout Colorado Springs, CO, Stratmoor, Falcon, Black Forest, and nearby areas.

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