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DIY Denture Relines: Are They a Good Idea?

November 29, 2023

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After your natural teeth are removed, your body begins a process known as resorption. Basically, because your jawbone is no longer being stimulated by your tooth roots, the bone begins to shrink and weaken. Over time, resorption can change the shape of the jaw so much that your dentures no longer fit properly. When that happens, you will need to get your prosthetic relined. Most people rely on their dentist for this service, but others try to do it on their own. Are DIY denture relines a good idea? Read this blog post to discover some important information.

What Is a Denture Reline?

Essentially, a denture reline is a denture adjustment. New material is added to the base of the prosthetic. Therefore, it can fit more snugly and will be less likely to slip out of place.

There are two types of relines. A soft reline uses soft material and is usually used for people with sensitive gums or other oral health issues that would make it uncomfortable for them to get a hard reline. A hard reline uses harder material and provides more durable, longer-lasting results.

Relines Should Be Left to Professionals — Why?

DIY reline kits are easy to find. They include everything you need to do a soft reline on your prosthetic. Many people use them because they want to save money. However, denture adjustments should really be left to the professionals. Here are some reasons why that is the case:

You Could Accidentally Ruin Your Dentures

If you make even a small mistake during the reline process, you could end up with an uneven bite. That would place extra pressure on some parts of your denture, which might cause it to break.

You Could Interfere with Your Bite

“Occlusion” is the word that describes how your upper and lower teeth work together. It is a delicate and complex process. Even a small error made during a DIY denture reline could interfere with your occlusion and give you an uneven, uncomfortable bite. As a result, you might suffer from jaw pain, gum sores, facial soreness, and other unwanted symptoms.

Your Appearance Might Be Affected

A common mistake during DIY relines involves the use of too much relining material. This could cause the base of your denture to look disproportionately large, causing you to have what is often referred to as a “gummy smile.” Plus, if your bite is uneven, your teeth may appear visibly crooked.

The DIY Reline Process Can Be Unpleasant

DIY reline kits usually use direct impressions. Basically, that means you insert a gummy material into the base of your denture and bite down on it while it sets. The smell, taste, and texture of the relining putty is unpleasant for many people.

Trust Your Dentist for Denture Relines

Dentists and the laboratories they partner with are experts at relining dentures. You can expect comfortable results and an efficient process. Plus, you will not have to worry about making a mistake that could harm your smile. Trust the professionals to help you keep your denture in working order!

Meet the Practice

The three dentists at Anderson Family Dental have several decades of combined experience. If you have questions about the tooth replacement process, or you have noticed that your denture no longer fits like it used to, they would be happy to assist you. Contact our Colorado Springs team at 719-593-0988.

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