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Maintaining Good Dental Health at Every Stage of Life is Important

September 8, 2015

woman brushing teeth to maintain good dental health for lifeGood dental health breeds great overall health. Did you know your oral health and overall health are closely linked? When one is suffering, the other usually follows. It’s imperative that you maintain good dental health throughout your life. It can keep you out of the dental chair and instead out enjoying life. It isn’t difficult to maintain good dental health, all it takes is dedication. There are many things you can do at home to keep your oral health operating at maximum efficiency. In addition, our general dentistry services can gives us a clearer picture as to what’s going on in your mouth and how best to improve all aspects of your oral health.

When you come to our office in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ll be treated to one of the friendliest dental teams in the state, as well as fantastic dentistry services. Dr. Richard Anderson and Dr. Erick Anderson form a father-son team that preaches gentle care combined with excellent service. They are the top dentists Colorado Springs residents can trust. They, along with the rest of our dental team, can help improve your oral health and get you the smile of your dreams.

“How Can I Keep My Dental Health In Great Shape?”

To properly maintain good oral health, active participation in good dental habits at home is imperative. Brushing and flossing are a big part of keeping your oral health in great shape, however that’s just the beginning. It takes a lot more than a squeeze of toothpaste to create a beautiful smile. You can trust the dentists Colorado Springs residents have seen for some time now. Consider the following recommendations when it comes to keeping your oral health intact.

  1. Visit our office at least twice a year. Giving us an hour or so of your time can be highly beneficial. Regular checkups and exams can help us address tooth decay, gum disease, dental trauma, oral cancer and more.
  2. Ditch the sodas. Carbonated drinks are comprised of two ingredients that eat away at the surface of your teeth – phosphoric and citric acid. An occasional soda won’t hurt, but a can or more a day can weaken your tooth enamel making teeth more susceptible to cavity development.
  3. Steer clear of sugary treats. Sugar is the main culprit behind tooth decay. It can fuel bacteria and acidity resulting in extensive plaque formation. You can avoid being the 20% of people that suffer from tooth decay by ditching sugar and brushing and flossing after every meal or snack.
  4. Drop the smoking habit. Tobacco can turn teeth yellow, eats away at your gums and more. Bacteria and plaque can run rampant and oral cancer symptoms may develop.
  5. Use proper brushing and flossing technique. There is a right and wrong way to brush and floss your teeth. Spending at least two minutes brushing and holding a toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and using gentle, circular motions can help keep your teeth squeaky clean. Flossing is just as important. Cleaning each tooth and removing food particles from between teeth is a surefire way to help keep your mouth healthy.

Schedule Your Checkup Today

As noted before, it’s imperative that you see us for a dental checkup so we check for any issues. Living a life with great oral health is very important. As you get older, the need for dental procedures and continued dental hygiene habits increases. As long as you maintain great oral health, your mind and body will remain in good spirits. We have the family dentists Colorado Springs trusts.

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