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4 Facts about Root Canal Therapy that Everyone Should Know

February 5, 2022

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When you hear the term “root canal,” you might automatically think about pain and discomfort. But this dental procedure is widely misunderstood — it is actually designed to end your dental pain and get your oral health back on track. Let’s discuss a few outstanding facts about root canal therapy in Colorado Springs that can help you commit to this procedure with confidence if your dentist ever recommends it for you.

Root Canal Therapy Is Not Painful

Dental techniques have come a long way throughout the decades. In the past, root canal therapy may have been quite uncomfortable. Today, though, it is a different story. Thanks to anesthesia and sedation, patients feel little to nothing during their appointment. Some discomfort and swelling are normal during recovery, but such symptoms are usually easy to manage with rest, medication, and other simple measures. Most patients are feeling nearly 100% better within a week of their procedure.

Root Canal Therapy Can Preserve an Infected Tooth

Each of your natural teeth is important. Every tooth helps you to chew and speak effectively. They also serve as placeholders to prevent the other teeth from drifting out of place. Even if a tooth gets damaged or infected, you should do everything you can to save it if possible. A root canal in Colorado Springs can usually accomplish that. By removing the infected tissue from inside a tooth, your dentist can prevent the need for an extraction and allow you to maintain a complete smile.

You Might Need Root Canal Therapy Even if You Are Not in Pain

If your dentist recommends root canal therapy, and you are not in any pain, your first reaction might be to doubt whether the treatment is really necessary. However, it is important to understand that not all root canals are preceded by a toothache. Infection or damage may cause the nerve inside a tooth to die, meaning it cannot send pain signals to your brain. A root canal can remove the infected tissue and prevent the problem from spreading into nearby teeth and throughout your body. Of course, you are always welcome to seek a second opinion — your dentist wants you to feel confident that you are receiving high-quality care.

Root Canal Therapy Has a High Success Rate

Like any medical procedure, root canal therapy is not 100% successful. However, it does have a high success rate. Depending on the circumstances, it is successful in anywhere from 85% to 97% of cases. If an initial root canal fails, your dentist might refer you to a specialist for retreatment.

Root canal therapy has a bad reputation — but it’s actually a highly successful treatment that offers numerous benefits! If you ever have to undergo it, you can look forward to improved oral health and a treatment experience that is as comfortable as possible.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Erick Anderson has well over two decades of experience in his field. He strives to offer high-quality care in a comfortable environment. Root canal therapy is one of the many services he is able to provide. To learn more about him and how he may be able to help you achieve improved oral health, contact our office at 719-593-0988.

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