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Sleep Apnea Therapy in Colorado Springs

January 2, 2016

sleep apneaGood morning! It’s wonderful to wake up refreshed and ready for the day after a good night’s sleep. What’s that you say? You can’t remember the last time you slept well. And neither can the person who sleeps one pillow over from you. If your snoring is keeping both of you up at night, then perhaps the problem is more than that disturbing sound. Snoring is a chief symptom of sleep apnea, a health condition that affects more than 12 million Americans. In Colorado Springs, sleep apnea treatment is available at Anderson Family Dental. With either an oral appliance or CPAP machine, Dr. Anderson can help you and your partner once again enjoy a restful night of sleep.

Other than snoring, sleep apnea may also present the following symptoms:

  • Morning headaches
  • Frequently needing to go to the bathroom during the night
  • A sore throat or dry mouth when you awaken in the morning

In addition, people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea also report having problems with their memory and concentration. And of course, most have trouble staying awake during the day, because they didn’t sleep well the night before.

Furthermore, sleep apnea can you put you at risk for a number of serious general health concerns. Without treatment, sleep apnea can be a contributing factor to:

  • High blood pressure and heart problems
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Liver problems

And because sleep apnea sufferers are tired during the day, they are more dangerous drivers on the road.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Colorado Springs

Most people with sleep have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With OSA, your tongue and other oral soft tissue relax during sleep and fall back to block your airway. This blockage causes you to temporarily stop breathing. As this happens repeatedly throughout the night, the negative consequences begin to accumulate.

To treat sleep apnea, Dr. Anderson uses either oral appliance therapy or CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. A custom-fitted oral appliance shifts your lower jaw forward and tongue forward in order the keep your airway open. With a CPAP machine, you’ll wear a mask over your nose or mouth to force air into your throat. This forced air keeps your airway open.

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If you suspect that you or a loved one has sleep apnea, then call the sleep apnea dentist in Colorado Springs at Anderson Family Dental. We gladly serve families throughout Colorado Springs, CO, Stratmoor, Falcon, Black Forest, and nearby areas.

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