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Root Canal Recovery — What to Expect

September 10, 2021

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Woman relaxing at home after her root canal therapy

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful and scary — but that is far from the truth. Thanks to modern dental techniques and sedation, most patients feel little to nothing during the procedure. Afterward, though, there is a bit of a recovery period. This blog post offers an overview of what you can expect while your mouth is on the mend.

Sensitivity and Discomfort

Root canal therapy involves removing the nerve from inside a tooth, so it should immediately relieve pain from any infection or damage that had been bothering you. However, the procedure itself might irritate the surrounding tissues and cause a bit of temporary discomfort and sensitivity. After all, root canal therapy can rightly be considered an oral surgery, and no surgery is without its side effects.

Here are a few tips to make yourself as comfortable as possible:

  • Take pain relievers if necessary.
  • Stick to eating soft foods for a few days. Applesauce, ice cream, pudding, and brothy soups are all great choices.
  • When you feel up to chewing, try not to use your treated tooth. Even though it will have a temporary crown on it, you should avoid exposing it to any significant force for a while.

Rest Is Important

If sedation is used during your procedure, you might feel groggy for several hours after you get home. You should listen to your body and get adequate rest while the sedation medication wears off. You should avoid driving and not participate in any strenuous physical activities. Some patients choose to request to have a day or two off of work so they can take adequate time to get back to feeling like themselves.

Follow-Up Care

You will likely have to return to your dentist’s office sometime during the weeks after your initial procedure. The dental team will check on your tooth, ask how you are doing, and probably work on placing a permanent crown on your treated tooth. After that crown is in place, it should be safe to resume your normal eating habits. When you are fully recovered, you can expect your tooth to feel great, function well, and look beautiful (particularly if it receives a metal-free crown).

What if You Have Concerns?

Root canal therapy is a consistently successful treatment — but in rare cases, there are some post-surgical complications. Things like pus, abnormal swelling, and severe pain are all signs that you should contact your dentist right away. You might need antibiotics or perhaps even endodontic retreatment.

Roto canal therapy might seem intimidating, but it is nothing to be afraid of! If you have questions about what to expect during or after your appointment, your dental team would be happy to speak with you.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Erick Anderson has been practicing dentistry in Colorado Springs for nearly 20 years. He enjoys establishing trusting relationships with his patients, so he is always ready to answer questions about various procedures. If you require root canal therapy, sedation is available to make your experience as comfortable as possible. To learn more about Dr. Anderson and our practice, contact us at 719-593-0988. 

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